Tangshan Zhenzhu Chestnut Food Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in chestnut purchasing, processing, selling and exporting. In 1986 it began the business of chestnut purchasing and processing and in 1999 began advanced processing of chestnut kernels with small packages and started self-managerial import & export. At present, the company has fixed assets of 20 million yuan and floor area of 200 thousand square meters. It is also in possession of fresh storeroom of 6 thousand ton, low temperature storeroom of 2 thousand ton and five small packing production lines.

Tangshan Zhenzhu Chestnut Food Co., Ltd is located in Zunhua of Hebei Province, a place named by the State “the country of chestnut”. The company boasts chestnut base of 100 thousand mu including organic base of 40 thousand mu, thus forming a favorable structure of which the market guides the company and the company guides the base.

The company has passed HACCP Safety Management System Certification, China Organic Food Certification, Japan JAS Organic Certification, China AA Green Food Certification and European Union Organic Certification. Its advanced production equipments and safe production system along with high-quality management persons and experienced staff ensure safe and stable production quality.

Zhenzhu chestnut is selected from the deep North Yanshan of Hebei Province of China. Besides its unique flavor and fine flesh, Zhenzhu chestnut is rich in protein, oligomer sugar, fibre. It also contains various minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and microelements needed by the body of human being. Therefore it is called “Eastern Edible Pearl”. Now the production of fresh chestnut, frozen chestnut, chestnut kernel and “smile” with small package are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

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